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Electronic Health Records

Spend more time with patients, less on charts, and enjoy greater profitability!

Practice Partner® our secure electronic health records (EHR) software program, is integrated with PDS Cortex™.  It has the ability to positively impact every aspect of your medical practice. 

Whether you’re a single-physician practice or large multi-specialty clinic, Practice Partner will improve your efficiency and return on your investment.

The Electronic Health Record

Electronic medical records are consistently more accurate and complete than paper charts.

The Practice Partner electronic health record was developed for physicians by physicians, then refined by feedback from users. Designed like a paper chart, it follows the physician’s normal work flow.

Practice Partner includes progress notes, medication lists, problem lists, past medical history, health maintenance status, images, reports from the laboratory, radiology, EKG and pathology, discharge summaries and user-defined categories.

Practice Partner gives you a complete and legally valid health record with an audit trail.

Take control!

  • Create, store, edit and retrieve patient charts with just a click.
  • Move the patient from check-in, through the exam and to checkout without ever handling a paper chart.
  • Enter physician documentation faster than ever before.
  • Enter data once.
  • Replace your paper charts and file cabinets with electronic files.



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Case Study Video 

Case Study Video

Staff at Stonecreek Family Physicians in Manhattan, Kansas talk about how Practice Partner® EMR allowed them to improve efficiency and save money in their practice.


Electronic record benefits  


1. Smoother work flow
The electronic medical record is always right where you left it. In your computer ... at your fingertips. Never lost or hard to find.

Patient call-backs, prescription refills or authorizations, and outside requests for charts can be handled easily and quickly. Say goodbye to the hassle!

2. Lower costs
Every day you’ll realize more and more ways Practice Partner saves you money.
  • Reduced transcription costs
    Reduce or eliminate transcription costs by entering patient data directly into the electronic health record.
  • Reduced copying expense
    E-mail all or part of the chart ... send through the fax server ... or print directly from your computer.
  • Reduced malpractice premiums
    Enjoy an improved risk profile based on quality of care and documentation.
  • Reduced chart and storage expenses
    Eliminate costs incurred by paper charts – paper, folders, dividers, filing systems, racks and cabinets.  Convert the space into offices or exam rooms.
3. Maximized revenue
Effective patient reminders and Efficient documentation add up to increased profitability.
  • Health maintenance
    Practice Partner tracks overdue services, such as immunizations and special exams for each patient, then generates a letter to these patients. 
  • Improved coding accuracy
    Practice Partner makes it easier to provide more accurate codes and complete documentation by providing templates and clinical macros (detailed blocks of text that can be inserted with the push of a button). Automatically pull information from other parts of the chart into the current note.
4. More efficient staff
Fewer time-intensive tasks.
  • Chart accessibility
    Electronic medical records (EMR) are accessible to every authorized staff member, clinical and administrative, from multiple workstations at any time, regardless of others viewing the same chart. Incoming calls can be handled on the fly, improving efficiency and customer service.
  • Reduced data entry
    With electronic interfaces from laboratories and hospitals, incoming data can be downloaded directly into the patient record, eliminating time-intensive tasks.
  • Better communication
    The completely secure Intranet E-mail messaging system significantly improves the speed and efficiency of communication among employees and providers. Messages can be documented in the patient record.
  • Better response to audits
    Chart auditors can check records from a PC. As electronic files result in better chart documentation and organization, Practice Partner installations pass with flying colors.
5. Increased clinical efficiency
... thanks to time-saving features.
  • High quality documentation
    Call up information, enter data and write prescriptions. And in doing so, all components of the electronic health chart are automatically updated.
  • Built-in protocols and reminders
    Diagnosis-specific templates offer reminders of special protocols and tests for certain conditions.

    Practice Partner automatically flags abnormal test results and health maintenance reminders each time a chart is opened. Or create a database that lists all patients overdue for routine exams or immunizations.
  • Improved medication management
    Practice Partner faxes a prescription directly to the pharmacy or prints a legible copy, initiates drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions against an updated medication list, automatically documents the prescription in a progress note, and checks the drug against the patient’s formulary.
  • Robust query features
    With its relational database, Practice Partner allows you to query your records for reports. In the event of a drug recall, you could draw up a list to quickly and easily notify all patients who are taking that medication.
  • Patient education
    Generate invaluable patient education tools from your computer.

Progress notes  

Automatically export and import data from the progress note. Progress notes can be created in pre-formatted notes, by dictation or from a voice-recognition system.


It's secure

Practice Partner has built-in security to protect both your medical practice and your patients.

  • All charts are protected by passwords. You can define access and privileges by staff level and further restrict access to specific segments of the record. Entire electronic medical charts can be restricted to certain providers.
  • Chart changes in all text records are tracked through an audit trail.
  • The physician’s electronic signature is protected by a five-digit code.


BrightNote Technology 

A core part of our total solution is Bright Note Technology™ — the dynamic processing power that utilizes single-note synchronization to instantaneously populate patient data across the entire chart.


Webview - EHR Patient Portal 

Practice Partner Web View is an Internet-based service that enables practices to provide providers, patients and consultants with online access to patient charts and secure communication with Practice Partner® users through the World Wide Web.




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Hardware Requirements

Practice Partner EHR hardware requirements


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"We’ve realized cost savings. After 2 1/2 years, we’re down two full-time employees, and transcription costs are about half of what they were. Our doctors like the convenience. They can have access to every patient’s record from their home, the hospital, wherever there’s an Internet connection. It’s great for them when they’re on call and covering each other’s patients."

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